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Thrive Psychology Group

Santa Monica, California 1247 7th Stre
Thrive Psychology Group is a group practice dedicated to women’s wellness and seeks to elevate the standard of excellence in the field of psychology by only hiring therapists who specialize in women's mental health and are trained in the foremost evidence-based practices. We also offer therapy for couples, family, and children. Our team values interdisciplinary work and are also inclusive and affirming of LGBTQ+ women, women of color, and women with various disabilities. Thrive is... More »

La Vie Christian Counseling Center

Santa Monica, California 90403
La Vie Christian Counseling Centers in Santa Monica and Pasadena have been helping hurting relationships since 1980. We have over 30 therapists on staff with a wide range of fees and specialties that provide counseling and psychotherapy. Because of our large staff of professionally trained Christian therapists we will have one that is a good fit to meet your personal and financial needs.

Vincent Staraci, LMFT

Santa Monica, California 90403
Vincent Staraci, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a broad base of professional involvements and interest. He is a ministry leader, educator, consultant and clinical supervisor.

In his private practice, Vincent specializes in working with people who are recovering from trauma, abuse, abandonment and addiction in a framework of spiritual growth and development. His work naturally extends to individuals and couples across a wide range of relational and... More »


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