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Dr. Beverly Wright

Washington, District of Columbia 20006
Congratulations! Today, you are one step closer to becoming spiritually empowered onto a positive path of peace, growth, and understanding. Through faith-based counseling, cognitive therapy, and prayer, God’s plan will manifest in your life. In a non-judgmental and safe environment, exploration will take place to locate the underlying causes of emotional strongholds such as; pain, anger, stress, distrusting others, depression, anxiety, fear, abandonment, infidelity, betrayal,... More »

Soul Restore Counseling Center

Washington, District of Columbia 20004
We are a team of licensed Christian counselors who specialize in family dynamics, trauma recovery, and transition adjustment. We are licensed to provide teletherapy to clients in DC, VA, TX, and FL. In-person sessions are in downtown DC.

The focus of our practice is to help people find freedom from the memories and fears that cause relationship difficulty and internal distress. Our therapists are trained to provide Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a... More »


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