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Christian Counseling Services

Evansville, Indiana 47711
Vickie is Licensed with the State of Ind. as a LCSW(Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Vickie is also a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor with the American Association of Chrisitan Counselors.
She has been in private practice for over 20 years and specializes in marriage counseling, sexual abuse trauma, depression and anxiety.
Vickie is a supervisor to Ellen Robinson, the other therapist on staff who specializes in couples therapy and helping women through difficult... More »

Always Hope Counseling, LLC

Evansville, Indiana 47710
At Always Hope Counseling, our counselors use evidence-based psychological treatment techniques and practices along with faith based principles and values.

We believe counseling is a sacred trust between the individual and a counselor. The goal of this trusted relationship is to improve each client’s quality of life by helping the client overcome false beliefs, challenge negative narratives, calm anxiety, resolve conflict, and heal past trauma. Working together, client and counselor... More »


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