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Pamela Zaffke - Aspire Wellness Services LLC

New Brighton, Minnesota 55112
Pamela Zaffke, M.A., LPCC is the owner of Aspire Wellness Services LLC.

I have been licensed as a professional counselor since 2015. People who find meeting with me helpful often have great lives and loved ones yet feel like life has gotten out of balance. They often want to increase their capacity to love and care for someone else and maybe even themselves without feeling so overwhelmed by their responsibilities. They don't really feel deeply depressed yet are exhausted and know... More »

Jennifer Imsland Therapy

New Brighton, Minnesota 55112
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in New Brighton. I work with individuals, families and couples. My therapeutic style is empathic, relationally focused, values authenticity and is always accepting. I consider all of the different factors of past, present and future which impact you today. My goal is to partner with you so that together we can identify your next steps to equip you to live the life you choose. I have a Christian perspective and value spirituality as... More »

Jessica Poffenbaugh Therapy

New Brighton, Minnesota 55112
I am most passionate about working with young adults and teens who feel out of control, whether in their relationships, thought-life, or eating habits. I often work from an Emotion-Focused and Internal Family Systems perspective with clients. These types of therapies center on identifying the patterns that disrupt us from being who we truly want to be and learning how to tap into natural strengths and capabilities in everyday life. With these tools, we can work together to help you... More »


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