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Christ Centered Family Counseling and Coaching

Clinton, New Jersey 08809
Christ Centered Family Counseling, LLC provides counseling and life coaching rooted in the Word of God for individuals seeking spiritual, physical and emotional healing and balance. Utilizing Temperament Therapy as the core technique, individuals are taught how to meet their emotional needs in Godly ways thereby fostering positive changes in their interpersonal relationships as well. Sessions are done in a safe, intimate environment allowing the clients to feel secure and... More »

Gwen Blake, LPC at Birch Tree Therapeutic Arts

Clinton, New Jersey 08809
Gwendolyn Blake, MA, Ed.S., LPC

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My practice is an out of network provider of individual, group, couples, and marriage and family therapy.

Well versed in trauma and addictions treatment, I work well with anxiety and mood disorders as well as school resistance.

Working with school aged children through adults, I am a strength based counselor who uses a combination of Cognitive therapies as well as Sandtray, Aroma Freedom Techniques, Gestalt,... More »


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