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NEW YORK, New York 10024
Hello...I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R) Licensed to do Psychotherapy in New York State

I am a Christian man and Christ believer,,,

I specialize in Marriage and Couples Counseling...

I work with those struggling with anxiety and depression....

My view of therapy tends to be nonconventional. I do not believe in the “Diagnosis” as much as I believe in helping people find a meaningful way of approaching their lives and being able to “sit” with their emotions rather... More »

Monte Noll

New York, New York 10036
My Christian faith and spirituality have played a major role in my life; I understand the importance of providing a safe place to discuss spiritual thoughts and deeper life struggles that can impact day-to-day functioning. My hope is that you will feel comfortable in our sessions and they will be a place where you never feel judged while allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

I have 10 years of experience counseling in an out-patient addiction setting and in private practice. I have a... More »

Dr. John Bauman

New York, New York 10024
As a Christian counselor, I work with individuals, couples and families to help them find creative ways to meet their goals, to gain insight, and to effect positive changes in their lives. Working together to understand your beliefs, feelings, and patterns, you have the opportunity to face emotional crises and to find spiritual meaning and purpose in life. I have a doctorate from Andover Newton Theological School and a certificate in pastoral psychotherapy from the Blanton-Peale... More »

Edward Elder

New York, New York 10001
In my practice I recognize the centrality of God in our lives and from that centered place work to help people through emotional and spiritual difficulties in their lives. Our relationships with each other and with God are what are ultimately healing. I use a psychodynamic approach which integrates spirituality and psychotherapy, helping people struggling with depression, loneliness, sexual abuse, drug addiction. I help couples and families learn to communicate their needs and... More »

Healthy & Better Counseling Services

New York, New York 10461-3102
Healthy & Better Counseling Services utilizes a Christ-centered approach with a variety of people whether they are individuals, couples and/or families. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist my counseling sessions are geared to help you analyze your life’s perspectives in order to gain freedom from mental and cyclical captivity which leads to relief and restoration. It is my vision to support and encourage individuals as well as families with emotional, physical and mental... More »


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