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Homestead Hope Counseling Services, LLC/ Dan R. Graham, LPC-S

Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Working under the auspices of Homestead Hope Counseling Services, LLC, I offer a variety of professional therapeutic services, to include faith-based counseling anchored firmly and unapologetically in the Christian world-view. I do so with a clear, unwavering theistic paradigm that acknowledges God’s sovereignty in all things, as He is intimately interested in, and responsive to, each person and all they experience.

As a therapist I depend on the presence and divine intervention... More »

Homestead Hope Counseling Services, LLC/ Katie Hopkins, LPC

Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Homestead Hope Counseling Services, LLC is dedicated to meeting the counseling and or therapeutic needs of those who desire change. It opened its doors in June 2006 under the name of Homestead Hope, Inc. Originally providing home study services for kinship, foster care and adoptive families, the organization progressed over the years to provide other services useful to many different people groups.

Therapy and psychoeducaton is now the mainstay of activity at Homestead Hope... More »


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