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First Baptist Smyrna GA

Smyrna, Georgia 30080
If you do join us for worship, what you will find is that we are a gathering of sincere, transparent, and admittedly broken people who have been forever changed by Jesus Christ. Thanks to God’s provision for our church, we have enjoyed a rich history that began in 1884. Ever since that small group of Smyrna residents assembled together to form the First Baptist Church, the generations of members to follow have unapologetically anchored our lives to the truths of the Bible. Much around... More »

Smyrna First United Methodist Smyrna GA

Smyrna, Georgia 30080
Established over 170 years ago we continue to grow in our love for God and in our love for one another. That is why we have chosen as our theme, “Loving one another to Christ”, and is based on I John 3: 11-18 and 4:7-12. It is out of that love that comes from God’s heart to our own that motivates us to go to the world in mission and in ministry to proclaim His love to all people. Every member of our congregation is encouraged to grow in discipleship as we believe the closer we come to... More »


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