1099 Contract LPC/LMFT at Illuminated Pathways Family Therapy, LLC

Illuminated Pathways Family Therapy, LLC

18303 Blanchmont Ln
Nassau Bay, Texas, US

1099 Contract LPC/LMFT

Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

1099 Contract LPC/LMFT Therapist
$30-$60 an hour
Texas - In Person

We are searching for a contract unbiased LPC/LMFT to lead counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions. The LPC/LMFT should schedule intake assessments, gauges clients' treatment needs, and then devise contextually sensitive treatment options. As therapy unfolds, the LPC/LMFT should review the suggested length and type of interventions to boost clients' prospects of fully recovering.

To ensure success as a LPC/LMFT, you should be able to take projection n stride while maintaining honest dialogues with clients. A remarkable LPC/LMFT will be cognizant of societal factors that shape clients' experiences.

Flexible Schedule
Private Practice
Furnished Office space for all shifts
Two locations
Professional Development Support
Administrative Support

Required Experience

Licensed in TEXAS (Required)

Child & Family Counseling: 3 Yrs Required
Christian Counseling: 3 Yrs Required
PTSD Tx for all ages: 3 Yrs Required
LPC (Required)
LMFT (Required)
Credentialed with Insurances
Proven experience as a licensed professional counselor.
Willing to engage in child, teen, and adult therapy sessions.

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