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2 Christian Therapists in Tucson, Arizona

Whole Hope Christian Counseling, LLC

Tucson, Arizona 85742
Whole Hope offers individual, group, pre-marital, marriage and family counseling. Conciliation services. Wellness, career, and financial coaching.

The Bible teaches that our words, thoughts, and actions all flow out of our hearts. Through biblical counseling, we address the heart through the wisdom in God’s Word.

Biblical Counseling (which is practiced at Whole Hope) sees the individual as one made in the image of God who is not just a spiritual being but one with a physical,... More »

Joshua Tree Counseling Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 85741
Are you looking for Christian counseling in Tucson? Do you want to address mental health from a Biblical perspective, incorporating prayer, Scripture, and Godly truths about your identity in Christ?

Our mission at Joshua Tree Counseling is to help clients move from hopeless to healing and from surviving to thriving. We are home to a collective of counselors who are mature Christian believers. We offer professional counseling, addiction counseling, trauma therapy, marriage... More »


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