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Interwoven Counseling, PLLC

Georgetown, Texas 78633
BS Psychology University of Texas, Austin
MA Biblical Counseling Dallas Theological Seminary


During one of life's emotional and spiritual cross roads my passion and mission became crystal clear. Succinctly, it is to nurture those seeking peace, joy and harmony. Before, during and after difficult and traumatic life events you may need more than the support of family and friends for life resiliency and wellness. Holistic wellness can be... More »

Patricia Walker LMFT 201963

Georgetown, Texas 78628
I am a licensed marriage family therapist and I work with men and women who are facing divorce or have gone through a divorce. You know there are so many hurts and so many losses to face and adjust to. Often men and women say they feel like they are in a fog and can not think clearly and have difficulty sleeping, no appetite, feeling depressed, anxious, and worrying about the future. Do you also worry about finances, experience loss of family and friends, feeling like a failure,... More »


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