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Kristine Sung Counseling

San Antonio, Texas 78260
I work with individuals who are stuck in overwhelming, obsessive worry and anxiety. Even if you have tried counseling before without success, it is possible your counselor was not trained or experienced in the evidence-based therapies that have shown to improve symptoms for 75% of OCD sufferers. As an OCD Specialist, I am able to help suffers change their relationship to anxiety and break free of compulsions.

Having a skilled counselor by your side, leading you through the journey... More »

Clifton Fuller Counseling

San Antonio, Texas 78230-9998
Christian Counselor and author Clifton Fuller (LCSW-S, LPC-S, LMFT-S) is licensed to provide counseling services to residents of Texas, individuals, couples, and families.

Please visit for in-depth information about his background and experience, as well as free articles & blogs on mental health issues, communication, marriage, relationships, and self-esteem issues.

Clifton is the author of "The Marriage Vampire: Living with a Narcissistic Partner, A... More »

Possible Counseling Services

San Antonio, Texas 78254
Hello, my name is Maricruz Valdez, I am an LPC & Biblical Certified Counselor. I view and treat my clients as a whole entity, heart, mind, and spirit. I offer compassionate counseling that addresses both the psychological and spiritual aspects. I see my clients as unique individuals and tailor my techniques and approach to meet their specific needs.

My therapeutic approach combines Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Biblical Counseling, and Family & Couples... More »

Shane Chance LPC

San Antonio, Texas 78258
I have been an ordained minister for 20+ years and have a heart for Christian ministry. I believe that Christians need to be able to go to a Christian therapist who understands and shares the client's faith foundation. Becoming a Professional Christian Therapist, for me, is a way to continue to minister to people in need, in a professional setting.

When it comes to therapy, I’m all about embracing the unique qualities of each person and situation. That’s why I’m an eclectic... More »


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