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7 Christian Churches in Columbus, Ohio

Linworth Road Church

Columbus, Ohio 43235
Our spiritual community begins with the life and words of Jesus. He is at the center of all we believe and do. His life is recorded in the New Testament, a book with unparalleled historical credibility.

Jesus’ birth was miraculous since His... More »

Polaris Church

Columbus, Ohio 43240
We all need hope. In different ways and at different times.Hope for our relationships, our careers, our health, our finances, our faith. A belief that goes beyond our current circumstances and tells us that we can make it one more day. And that... More »

Worthington Methodist

Columbus, Ohio 43085
Our church offers many opportunities to share God’s grace and love through giving to others. It feels good to know you’re making a difference in our neighborhood, the country and the world. Find purpose by sharing your gifts and talents and... More »

Northwest Church of the Nazarene

Columbus, Ohio 43235
We come together on Sundays to discover God through truthful and honest Biblical teaching that applies to our daily lives and engage in worship by singing/listening to great music, reading scripture and spending time in prayer.

Boulevard Presbyterian Church

Columbus, Ohio 43212
The people of Boulevard Presbyterian Church invite you to join us as we continue our strong traditions of:

Living faith through worship, mission, education and fellowship with the vision of "Reaching Out to Make Disciples."

Following the... More »

Mountview Christian Church

Columbus, Ohio 43221
One of the highlights of our week is the opportunity to gather together for worship on Sunday mornings where we sing, pray, laugh, learn, and praise God together. We set this time aside each week as a way to show God just how much we love Him... More »

Trinity United Methodist Church

Columbus, Ohio 43212
At Trinity, there are three ways to connect with others: attend Explore Trinity, join a small group, or serve on a team. Explore Trinity is your first, next step towards getting plugged in at Trinity. You’ll meet people who are new or... More »


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