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We are a church where transformation is happening. We believe, with all that we are, that Jesus is moving, creating, providing hope, changing lives, fostering transformation, and making all things new.

That is who He is and what He does and it is our great thrill to join Him in His work. Moving from death to life, seeing people rescued into the great, God story, and helping believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ – that is what makes our heart race a bit at Mandarin Baptist. Our schedule will increasingly reflect our commitment to joining God in His work of transformation. Our teaching and our worship will lead you in a step toward transformed living each week.

Whether you're young or old, single or married, we have a ministry for you to get plugged into. Ministries that meet on Sundays and during the week, all waiting to welcome you and your family. While we, at Mandarin, long to create the right ministries and environments for God to gain the most glory among us, we fully recognize that we are desperate for a move from His strength that cannot be explained by man. Our heart and our hope is that God’s presence and power far supersedes our best laid plans. All glory to Him!

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