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We are The Holy Eastern Orthodox Church of the United States (THEOCUS), an independent jurisdiction within the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. The THEOCUS is a self-governing jurisdiction that is unyielding and uncompromisingly Orthodox in faith and practice. We seek to serve the people of the Americas by caring for them in a variety of ways. One of the many ways we serve the faithful is by conducting Church Services in their native languages (for example, English for the English-speaking, French for French Canadians, etc.).

Our Diocese is "non-ethnic", but we’re not "anti-ethnic"; there’s a big difference! We’re not caught up in maintaining or preserving any ethnic, racial, or national "old country" ties as is the case in many "ethnic" nationality parishes and jurisdictions.

We believe that Heaven is our permanent home and the earth is only our temporary dwelling place; therefore, we have the Church as our guide for reaching our permanent home. As a consequence, we do not get involved in political controversies that have so marked the history of ethnocentric dioceses in this hemisphere for more than two hundred years! We know from the Holy Scriptures that there will be no ethnicity in the Kingdom of Heaven. We believe that the Holy Orthodox Church is an earthly glimpse of the Heavenly Kingdom to come; therefore, the Orthodox Church should represent all of mankind regardless of race or ethnic heritage.

We are a small loving church community and welcome all to visit and even become a part of us. This is regardless of your race, religion, cultural background, and belief system. We believe strongly in the words and life of our patron saint, Seraphim of Sarov. So full of love, peace, joy, and light was he, that he lived, realized, and teaches us: "Acquire the Spirit of peace and a thousand souls around you shall be saved." You are invited to check out our webiste and to visit with us.

Sunday Worship Services & Educational Opportunities

Divine Liturgy following the Liturgy of Preparation takes place each Lord's Day. The Preparation of the Gifts begins at 10:30 AM EST and the Divine Liturgy begins at 11:00 AM. Other special services take place through the Liturgical year such as Christmas, Epiphany (Theophany), and Holy Week and Easter (Pascha) which always takes place on the Sunday following the Passover. Other services through the year are anounced on the website.

Mid-week Worship Services & Educational Opportunities

Mid-week Services and other Educational Opportunities are announced on the website as they take place.

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